After a mad year it’s time to get CRAZY!

Children have been massively affected by the physical and social changes

that have restricted their daily lives during lockdown.

We strongly believe that it is time for Kids to be Kids again and have SOME FUN!

Popblast is a family friendly pop music band with shows that include
music, games, dance and exercise, offering learning through play and
encouraging parent and child interaction not only improve a child’s life
but also that of the family unit and on into the community.

Popblast are winning the hearts and minds of children and parents with happy, bright and energetic musical fun, providing a safe and trusted way for children to enjoy pop music with no offensive lyrics or images.

Answering the call of concerned families, teachers, community leaders and government for changes in music and associated media targeted towards children at this vulnerable age and allowing children to be children.

Our aim is to take Popblast to every child in the UK by engaging directly through live appearances, developing parental trust to and creating an alternative choice for parents in what their child listens to.

Popblast is the U.K. Number One band for children, specially designed with safe lyrics and easy to learn dance moves all approved by our panel of kids..

The music is credible, yet fun, with dance choreographed to maximise movement.

Educational elements making it fun for children to exercise and learn at the same time.

Above all, Popblast is a fun group children can relate to and that speaks their language.